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The Accidental Bridal Perfume

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Rules are there to be broken, they say, and I am a huge champion of this motto for bridal beauty. You don’t have to wear dusty powder or tons of foundation or a twirly updo. Wear the red lipstick! Paint your nails gold! SKIP THE UNDER-EYE CONCEALER IF YOU’RE ONLY… Read more »

13 Hair Tweaks To Make Now!

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You want it to be longer, shinier, thicker – here’s how to make your big-day hair wishes come true… 1. Upgrade your hairbrush Use one with natural boar bristles, rather than plastic, which degrade and split, causing damage. Invest in a Mason Pearson brush – it even comes in pink!… Read more »

The New Way To Mani

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I have a little story to tell. Bear with me, there’s a prize for those who make it to the end. I was sitting in the fabulous, elegant The Wolseley restaurant, on London’s Piccadilly, a few years ago with a work colleague who was about to get married. This girl… Read more »

4 Ways To Supercharge Your Skincare

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Skincare is going science-lab, and the big new trend is for intense treatment ‘shots’ with their own dropping-pipette delivery system. They’re a brilliant way to create bespoke concoctions without spending a fortune on a whole new set of products. If you love your existing serum, moisturiser, mask or cleanser, but… Read more »

Jo Malone Hits Regent Street

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When we heard Jo Malone London had opened a global flagship boutique on London’s Regent Street, we let out a little squeal of delight. The luxe British brand – famed for their devilishly indulgent fragrance combos – has a whole host of bridal-perfect delights on offer. Here are four reasons… Read more »

Bridal Nail Couture

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Nail Art is not a term you see a lot on this site, nor in the magazine, as I’ve rarely seen bridal designs that stand out as truly special. Well stop right there Little Miss Judgmental Alice! These stunning creations from the DryBy salon in London are making me get… Read more »

Red Alert!

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In the new issue of Brides, I’ve written candidly about my chronic blushing and how I managed to control it for my wedding day. Through a combination of breathing techniques, skincare and makeup, a fiery flush can definitely be tamed, but it’s the latter that will make the most visible… Read more »

One Candle To Rule Them All

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As I type, this very candle is flying off the shelves at Liberty’s. We’re talking grown-women-elbowing-each-other-with-major-side-eye style. Why? It’s not a Christmassy one. It’s not a hipster designer collab. It’s not even a stock-clearance bargain. No22’s Centrepiece is, quite simply, one of the prettiest things we’ve ever smelt and, once… Read more »

Your New Bridal Spa Hero

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Bored of January already? Snap, so are we. But fear not; here at Brides HQ we’ve got the perfect cure to help you get back into the (wedding) zone. Drum roll please… The New Evening Primrose Body wrap from Cowshed. Nourishing, nurturing and good for the soul – what could… Read more »

Acid Reign

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In the latest issue of Brides, skincare expert, facialist and blogger Caroline Hirons gave me some excellent pre-wedding advice: ‘Invest in a good acid toner. Every bride will benefit from a skin that is gently exfoliated on a daily basis in the months leading up to the wedding, as opposed to… Read more »