Suffering From Cold? Try These Effective Home Remedies For Some Relief

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Suffering From Cold? Try These Effective Home Remedies For Some Relief

Try these home remedies to fight common cold

Due to a drop in temperature, common cold can affect you easily. During the winter season, one may experience cold, cough and fever very easily. The weather is not directly responsible for making people sick but low temperatures can increase the spread of cold. Common cold can be handled with some simple home remedies. Here are some effective home remedies which can help you fight common cold. But if the cold stays for longer you must seek medical help immediately.

Home remedies for common cold

1. Drink more fluids

To fight common cold you need to stay hydrated all the time. Drinking more fluids can help you fight common cold naturally. Drinking hot liquids can be a great part of winters. You can drink hot coffee or tea. Soups are also a great option. You can also some lemon and honey to your hot cup of tea.


Add more fluids to your diet for better relief from cold
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2. Add more vitamin C to your diet

Vitamin C can also help you fight common cold. It helps you boost immunity. Strong immune system helps you fight common cold and also prevent the risk of developing common cold. Oranges are loaded with vitamin C and easily available in winter season. You can consume more oranges with other food sources of vitamin C.

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3. Gargle with water

It is the oldest remedy to fight common cold. The classic saltwater gargle recipe can give you relief after some uses. It will also help you fight the early symptoms. Simply take one glass of warm water and add half tablespoon of salt to it. Gargle using this water daily for some relief.

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4. Take steam

Steam can help you fight breathing problems. It can give you instant relief from stuffed nose. Fill some hot water and you can add some essential to it. Take some steam for better results. You can take steam daily for better relief.


Steam can help you get rid of stuffed nose
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5. Try honey

Honey should be a part of your winter diet. Adding honey to your diet can also result in better immunity. Raw honey is also rich in antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Honey is rich in many properties which makes it beneficial for the winter season. You can give one small tablespoon of honey to your children to prevent common cold and cough. You can also add it to a glass of warm milk.