Surya Grahan 2019 Do’s And Don’ts: Here’s What Ayurveda Suggests For Solar Eclipse

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Surya Grahan 2019 Do's And Don'ts: Here's What Ayurveda Suggests For Solar Eclipse

Partial solar eclipse in India is likely to begin around 10.25 pm IST


  1. You can have tulsi tea during solar eclipse
  2. Pregnant women can opt for raisins during eclipse
  3. Add dharba grass in food containers during solar eclipse

Surya grahan 2019 will happen today. Solar eclipse 2019 timings in India are as follows  – the partial solar eclipse in India is likely to begin around 10.25 pm IST, whereas the total solar eclipse will begin around 11.54 pm IST. From diet during the solar eclipse to different activities that can be performed, there is an endless list of questions that pop up in the event of an eclipse. The solar eclipse of July 2019 will start from the South Pacific Ocean which will later enter Argentina and Chile as a “total solar eclipse.”

Solar eclipse

On July 2, the Moon will intertwine between the Earth and the Sun, generating an eclipse of the Sun that will be visible over much of the Pacific as well as in Argentina and Chile.

Solar eclipse 2019: Here’s what Ayurveda suggests

Dr. Mitali Madhusmita and Dr. Neeraj Jaswal, senior Ayurvedic doctors at the Art of Living elaborate on the do’s and don’ts to follow during the surya grahan or solar eclipse. Here’s what they have to say –

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Why most people avoid eating anything during solar eclipse?

During an eclipse, the wavelength and intensity of light radiations on the earth’s surface is altered. Especially, the blue and ultraviolet radiations – which are known for their natural disinfecting properties – are not available in sufficient quantities during eclipse. This leads to uncontrolled growth of micro-organisms in food products during eclipse and the food products are not suitable for consumption. Hence, Ayurveda advises that one should stop eating at least two hours before an eclipse, so all the food can get digested. You can also practice meditation during the eclipse.


Solar eclipse: You should avoid eating at least 2 hours before eclipse
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Also, sun is the source of energy for all living beings and since the sun is hidden during the eclipse, our energy levels go down and this can slow down the digestion process. Hence, according to Ayurveda one must stop eating 2 hours before an eclipse. Also, it is advisable to eat light and easy-to-digest foods before and after the eclipse.

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What precautions should pregnant women take?

There are multiple myths around the dos and don’ts for pregnant women during an eclipse. Ayurveda doesn’t specify any particular precautions for pregnant women. However, staying indoors and meditating for good health of the child is advisable as it has a relaxing effect on the mind and body of the mother.

Most people believe that pregnant women should not eat during the eclipse but Ayurveda experts suggest that pregnant women can eat during the eclipse. However, they should consume light food items only to ensure proper digestion.

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The Ayurvedic experts also recommend that one mustn’t blindly follow every myth related to solar eclipse you read on the internet but understand the science behind what Ayurveda says.