Tips to maintain your beauty despite the downpours

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Skincare monsoon

Don’t let rainy days get you down! From less is more to say no to oily skin, experts give a plethora of tips and tricks to maintain your beauty despite the downpours.

Debabani Guha, National Trainer L’Occitane En Provence, India, and Gaurav Bhargava, Category Manager, Housejoy list down some tips.

Say no to oily skin: Excess oil and shine is a common humidity-induced concern. To combat it, turn to specific cosmetics, regularly exfoliate your face, apply a rebalancing mask. In the morning, apply a mattifying moisturizer before your makeup.

Less is more: When the overall air moisture is high, opt for an easy, light and natural look and avoid heavy moisturizer and foundation. Instead, apply a tinted moisturizer like a Complexion Clear SPF Cream with a matte finish; in addition to brightening a dull complexion, it adds hydration in abundance. It is a good alternative to powder foundation that tends to streak with humidity. Similarly, prefer cream shadows and blushes.

Set your makeup: If you really can’t go a day without mascara, go for a waterproof version. To finish up, spray a water-based mist on your face to fix make-up for the day and boost its glow. Choose it according to your skin concern.

Bring the essentials with you: To look flawless, once you’ve made it through the rain, keep a few essentials on hand for touch-ups during the day. The most important go-to product should be the SPF as during Monsoons UVA & UVB rays affect the maximum. Your compact, shadow and lipstick won’t overload your purse but will be very useful when you need to be meeting-ready! In case the sun already got to you, treating your skin to a de-tanning service would be a perfect solution.

Close your hair’s scales: To avoid fuzzy texture, use a dry oil that will moisturize the length and also will help to tame the hair. As for your hairstyle, the simplest way is to pull your hair back in a bun or a ponytail. If you want to wear it down, wrap it quickly in a loose bun and take it down once inside.