5 Beauty Products That You Can Snag From Your Boyfriend

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Write it down to shortage of space in the bathroom cabinet or a light wallet at the end of the month; sometimes purchasing new beauty products just doesn’t feature in your plans. In times like these, borrow from your boyfriend. You may hardly believe it’s true but it really is possible to share beauty and grooming products between the two of you. The result? No unnecessary purchases, money saved and more space on the shelf.

1. Body Lotion

Keeping skin moisturised isn’t a gender specific activity so a single body lotioncan be shared between the two of you. Man or woman, moisturised skin is always a good asset to have.

2. After Shave

In 2016, after shave balm (specifically Nivea Men After Shave) was touted as a replacement for makeup primer. This chance discovery happened because after shave, which hydrates and tones skin, has plenty of ingredients that can soothe and smoothen it prior to makeup. Another excellent use for after shave!

3. Razor

Although women’s razors are a very specific separate category from men’s razors, their purpose is the same i.e. hair removal. So you can see why using his razor (after changing the cartridge) is a good idea. In fact, many women have permanently switched to shopping in the men’s section for razors because they find it gives the skin a much cleaner shave.

4. Deodorant

Men’s deodorants tend to be more powerful and sweat resistant that women’s variants. The only setback could be the aquatic scent that comes with most men’s grooming products, which will fade shortly anyway. A good enough reason to try it out.

5. Body Wash

Much like lotion, body wash has the sole purpose of cleaning the skin which makes it, apart from the scent, not exactly a gendered product. Save up by sticking to one bottle instead of two. In this case, you might even find the fragrance refreshing after a shower.