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Model Miranda Kerr reveals her beauty routine. It’s easier than you imagine

The model also uses anti-ageing products “once or twice a week”, as well as a face mask.(Shutterstock) Supermodel Miranda Kerr is known for her flawless skin. Ever wondered what her skin routine looks like? She dry brushes her skin every morning from the feet upwards to kick start her circulation and to… Read more »

Don’t let the monsoon get to you. These 5 hairstyles will up your style quotient

If you are not happy with your open-hair in this patchy monsoon, then all you need to do is a hairdo to enrich your look. Beauty and makeover expert Aashmeen Munjal shares some classy hairdos to keep your monsoon blues at bay. 1) Front French Braid:If you want to brush hair… Read more »

Warm Up Routine: 5 Warm Up Exercises You Must Do Before Starting Your Workout

Working out is necessary to stay fit and healthy. Whether you workout at the gym, workout at home or go for jogging, it is important to stay active. You start working out to get in shape, improve stamina and for many other reasons and you want to see the result… Read more »

5 Kitchen Ingredients You Can Use to Make Your Skin Glow in Summers

Summers are known to be not-so-good for our skin. The blazing sun often leaves our skin tanned and may even cause dullness. You can try and hide from the sun but you can’t totally shun it. The good news is that you can get your glow back with the use of few… Read more »

4 Kitchen Ingredients You Can Use to Protect Your Feet During Monsoons

The monsoon season brings with it beautiful weather, cool breeze and a joyful mood. But the change in weather can may not be too kind to your skin and can cause several beauty problems. Some monsoon woes that most of us may face are hair fall, oily skin, allergies and fungal infections. While you would do everything you can to… Read more »

Have you tried Face Yoga? Stretching face muscles prevents skin-ageing and sagginess

Face Yoga has been making a name for itself as an alternative anti-ageing beauty treatmentfor some time now. The concept involves using exercises to tone, lift and sculpt muscles in the face and counteract sagginess and puffiness for a rejuvenated appearance. Back in 2015, a pop-up called SkinGym Face Fitness established… Read more »

Have You Been Overfeeding Your Children to Lead Them to Obesity?

Gone are the days when chubby children were looked upon as privileged kids, something to be taken pride in by parents. Chubbiness is no sign of good health, but an alarm bell for obesity risk. With more and more children getting obese in the recent years, it is leading to… Read more »

Ayurvedic Wisdom: Eating These 8 Foods Everyday May Make You Live Longer

While its true that our life expectancy has increased over the years, but so has the incidence of chronic ailments. Let’s face it, our generation is at a higher risk of developing heart trouble or vision problems or arthritis at a much younger age now than before. This is indicative… Read more »

You may experience these symptoms before a heart attack!

Early warnings and symptoms of heart attack The early warnings and symptoms of heart attack often cause chest discomfort and if overlooked, may cause much serious concerns thereafter. Statistics say that in India, every 33 seconds one person dies due to heart attack. Witnessing nearly two million heart attacks a… Read more »

6 superfoods that you should add to your diet

Best superfoods to add to your diet There are some foods which possess a certain amount of nutrients required by a certain part of our body and then there are superfoods, which are packed with a multitude of vitamins beneficial for our entire body. These gems impact our overall health… Read more »