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This summer, splurge in gorgeous white

The colour white signifies grace and purity. Pure as snow, it is a delight when it comes to dressing, as white goes with every other colour. To those who choose to wear white, grace, divinity and purity envelopes them like cool moonlight. The colour elicits an emotional response within the person… Read more »

5 Incredible Home Remedies for Your Beauty Problems this Summer

Summer is not an easy month. The horrid heat brings with it a range of beauty woes, which needs your undivided attention and care. Apart from maintaining a healthy dietand keeping yourself well hydrated, you also need to pay heed to your skin and hair.   You may have heard it several… Read more »

Get Instant Fairness And Glowing Face In Just 10 Minutes With This Face Pack

Everyone wishes to have a fair, glowing and flawless skin. In today’s time, when pollution is more than population, it’s imperative to take extra care of the skin to prevent it from losing its natural moisture, glow, and fairness. People use various cosmetic creams to make their skin radiant and… Read more »

This Monsoon Load Up On These 6 Vitamin C Rich Foods to Keep Infections At Bay

The Monsoons are finally here. As the country welcomes its first spell of showers, the season is also bringing with itself wave of infections and diseases commonly associated with the monsoon. The damp weather has already taken its toll on overall immunity of several people making them susceptible to many diseases  like… Read more »

Impress your guests this weekend with restaurant style Aloo Gobhi

Who does not love Aloo Gobhi? Especially in winter season. But the problem is that our regular Aloo Gobhi preparation does not go well with our party menu. Presenting the restaurant style Aloo Gobhi for party or any other special occasion. INGREDIENTS 1 Cauliflower (350-400 grams) 350 grams Potatoes 2… Read more »

A Bystander Had the Perfect Response to This Preschooler’s ADHD Tantrum

Grocery shopping with young kids in tow is rarely an easy task. But when your child has ADHD, a disorder characterized by high energy, a lack of concentration, and impulsive behavior, a trip to the supermarket can be exasperating. Mother of two Taylor Myers knows this reality well, because her four-year-old daughter, Sophie, has ADHD…. Read more »

Here’s Why This Fitness Star Is Calling Out a Flat-Belly ‘Detox’ Tea

If you’re one of health coach Massy Arias’s 2.3 million Instagram followers, you know that her feed has no shortage of jaw-dropping workouts, healthy food photos, motivational quotes (delivered in both English and Spanish), and, of course, the occasional pic of her outrageously adorable baby girl, Indira. We also love that the fitness star isn’t afraid to share her unfiltered thoughts… Read more »

Think you’ve tried everything to battle obesity? This new discovery is for you

If you are tired of trying every means to fight obesity, then this new discovery might help you to rethink. Cells in the brain that may help control the hunger impulse have been discovered in a development, which could lead to new treatments for obesity, reports the Independent. The research… Read more »

Make this classic Palakkad Iyer coconut curry this summer

A Mulagootal is a very typical preparation of the Palakkad Iyers. It is made usually using one type of vegetable (traditionally amaranth leaves, raw banana, yam, pumpkin, ash gourd or snake gourd though nowadays beans, cabbage, carrots, etc are used; this list of vegetables is not exhaustive) and occasionally a… Read more »