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8 Expert Skin Care tips for People in Their 30’s

Early 30s can bring about many unanticipated changes, in both men and women. Your features might harden, you might find yourself at the receiving end of comments like, “you don’t smile as much anymore” or you might feel very disheartened and often, shot down. 30s are supposed to be that… Read more »

Nursing Moms Swear Starbucks’ Pink Drink Boosts Their Milk Supply. Is That Possible?

Remember all the buzz this past spring surrounding Starbucks’ Pink Drink? Well the love for this sweet and light beverage just keeps coming. Now, several nursing moms are raving about it, saying that sipping the drink increases their breast milk supply. The lactation-boost claim first appeared in posts by a nursing-mother Facebook support group called Milky Mamas. “So this happened… Read more »

35% women feel more sexually attracted to their partner after exercising together-PureGym

Studies show women are more sexually aroused 15-30 minutes after exercise, as more than a third of men and women feel more sexually attracted to their partner after a workout Studies point to significant increase in physiological sexual arousal following exercise Arousal indicators peak 15 minutes after exercise, and remain… Read more »

DU fucchas ready to spend 30K to 50K to look their best on day one

Delhi University’s new academic session kick-starts tomorrow, and freshers, it seems, don’t want to miss a chance to look their best on day one. Such is the craze to make the perfect first impression that some of them are willing to spend upto `50000 for it. From clothes to shoes… Read more »

Do those who abused Oxford student for solving JEE paper need to get their IQ checked?

The violent reaction to a third-year UK university student ’s online post that he “ breezed” through a Joint Entrance Exam or JEE question paper (entrance test for engineering colleges in India), in “a third of the allowed time, and with 100% correct answers,” leaves no doubt that the cyber… Read more »

What’s Your Child’s IQ? Higher the Score, Longer May Be Their Life

IQ or Intelligent Quotient is a test of series which usually determines what’s an individual’s thinking capacity, or how smart he or she is. In standard IQ tests, the system of scoring is such that the raw median score is defined as 100. Most people score between IQ 75 to IQ 125…. Read more »