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Students are the newest US weapon against terrorist recruitment

Washington — The Department of Homeland Security is enlisting American college students in its efforts to stop the radicalisation and recruitment of young people, mostly immigrants, by foreign terrorist groups. Under a programme called Peer to Peer: Challenging Extremism, students at dozens of universities are given a budget of up to… Read more »

For the University of Mumbai, at 160, it’s time to introspect

A liberal education aims at the ‘making of men’, said Sir Raymond West, vice-chancellor of the University of Bombay, speaking in the convocation address in July 1882. “It [education] is not to be diverted into a process of manufacturing human tools wonderfully adroit in the exercise of some technical industry,… Read more »


Traditionally, at the reception, the bride’s father is the first one to make a speech to the wedding guests. Closely followed by the best man and groom, the father of the bride is usually seen as a bit of a warm-up act, and something to be endured rather than enjoyed. However, with… Read more »


Picture the scene: the late August sunshine spreads its warming rays freely, the sky and sea are exquisitely blue, and the glamorous city of Cannes forms a covetable backdrop. It’s fair to say that Leigh got it very right, choosing a mini-break here to propose to Jo in a picturesque… Read more »

5 Superb Beauty Remedies for the Wedding Season

Weddings mean festivity, and festivity means celebration. So the great Indian wedding is all about celebration and the madness that comes along with it. In all this chaos, one has to stay focused, balanced and multi task with everything and everyone – friends, relatives, colleagues and guests. Most Indian weddings start… Read more »

Study shows breastfeeding may reduce the risk of Multiple Sclerosis in women

Mothers who breastfeed for at least 15 months over one or more pregnancies may be 53 per cent less likely to develop multiple sclerosis (MS) compared with those who do not breastfeed at all or do so for up to four months, a study has claimed. MS is a disease… Read more »

Go bitter in the rains

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Immunity levels suffer a setback during monsoon and it becomes really difficult to digest food. Then there is the risk of all kinds of skin and stomach infections. According to Ayurveda, bitter foods are a great combat material for rain toxins. They neutralise Pitta dosha, help in digestion and have anti-bacterial properties…. Read more »

Time to end the social stigma attached to test-tube babies

When South Delhi resident Pariniti Ahuja and her husband decided to go in for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) after 10 years of marriage, they informed their immediate family first. Ahuja’s in-laws were a bit concerned initially . “They asked me, ‘Bachcha to tum log ka hi hai na?’ (It is your child, right?),”… Read more »

Milk Bath, the Centuries-Old Beauty Ritual for Gorgeous Skin

We have all heard that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was known for her beauty across various kingdoms. Her beauty rituals were said to have been an elaborate affair with exotic scrubs, face packs, hair masks and what not, and one of the most famous rituals from the lot being the… Read more »