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Meet Sara Geurts: She looks old at 26, but is redefining the concept of beauty

Beauty means many things across cultures. Aspiring American model and social media sensation Sara Geurts has created a meaning of her own. The 26-year-old, from the city of Minneapolis, looks decades older because of a rare disease. Undaunted, she has built up a huge fan following on Instagram —12.4K followers… Read more »

Black Coffee Benefits: How Much is Really Enough?

Coffee is, undeniably, one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Nothing stops coffee lovers from experimenting and teaming it up with a range of delicacies, drinks and even desserts. Most people cannot think of starting their day without a daily dose of caffeine. You may have not known this… Read more »

Why Is It So Difficult to Quit Caffeine? Understanding Caffeine Withdrawal

Caffeine’s is a serious addiction. Ever reasoned why some people have a harder time quitting it? It was only few years back when the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders considered caffeine intoxication and withdrawal as a diagnosis for mental disorders implying that people under caffeine… Read more »

Here’s Why This Fitness Star Is Calling Out a Flat-Belly ‘Detox’ Tea

If you’re one of health coach Massy Arias’s 2.3 million Instagram followers, you know that her feed has no shortage of jaw-dropping workouts, healthy food photos, motivational quotes (delivered in both English and Spanish), and, of course, the occasional pic of her outrageously adorable baby girl, Indira. We also love that the fitness star isn’t afraid to share her unfiltered thoughts… Read more »

Is Infant Drug Withdrawal Likelier When Opioids Used With Psychiatric Drugs?

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 2, 2017 (HealthDay News) — More U.S. babies go through drug withdrawal after birth these days, and researchers say doctors’ prescribing practices are partly to blame. Moms-to-be who take prescription opioid painkillers plus psychiatric drugs for depression or anxiety have a 30 to 60 percent greater risk of… Read more »

Nursing Moms Swear Starbucks’ Pink Drink Boosts Their Milk Supply. Is That Possible?

Remember all the buzz this past spring surrounding Starbucks’ Pink Drink? Well the love for this sweet and light beverage just keeps coming. Now, several nursing moms are raving about it, saying that sipping the drink increases their breast milk supply. The lactation-boost claim first appeared in posts by a nursing-mother Facebook support group called Milky Mamas. “So this happened… Read more »

You Guys, “Four Weddings” Is Coming Back But There’s Gonna Be A Savage Twist

Hey, pop quiz: What’s the best wedding-themed reality show of all time? Is it Say Yes to the Dress? NO! The CORRECT answer is Four Weddings. TLC TLC’s Four Weddings is the greatest wedding-based reality show of all time and if you disagree, you are objectively wrong. Sorry. Four Weddings forces four strangers to go… Read more »

Think you’ve tried everything to battle obesity? This new discovery is for you

If you are tired of trying every means to fight obesity, then this new discovery might help you to rethink. Cells in the brain that may help control the hunger impulse have been discovered in a development, which could lead to new treatments for obesity, reports the Independent. The research… Read more »

How we believe meat is raised may influence its taste: Study

Our beliefs about how animals are raised – whether on ‘factory farms’ or in more humane conditions – can shape our meat eating experience and influence its taste, a new study has found. Researchers from Northeastern University in the US paired identical meat samples with different descriptions and then reported… Read more »

This Dragon Chop Suey recipe is perfect to beat after office hunger pangs

In the words of food historian Alan Davidson, Chop Suey is “a prime example of culinary mythology”. There is a long list of conflicting stories about its origin and one account claims that it was invented in the 19th century by Chinese American cooks working on the transcontinental railroad. But… Read more »