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Your kitchen sponge contains bacteria that may cause diseases like typhoid, plague, cholera and food poisoning

If you thought using the dish-washing sponge to making your dishes germ-free is enough; you’ll be shocked to know that the sponge you use for cleaning your dishes has a host of bacteria that can make you ill severely. Recently,  a study[1] found that the dish-washing sponge that you use… Read more »

From Railway Mutton curry to Bedmi-aloo: When railway food was an affair to remember

What is your earliest memory of (good) train food? Mine is the hot thali that would be served to First Class passengers from the pantry, which you could visit to get warm milk, water or boil egg any time of the journey and often be rewarded with something scrumptious that… Read more »

Five leftover recipes on World Food Day

It’s a challenge to eat leftovers as they often turn cold and tasteless. While discarding it is not a good option for an environment conscious person, it could probably be turned into something interesting. On World Food Day, check out five interesting recipes prepared from leftover food. 1. Mashed Potato… Read more »

Food Story: The journey of ladoo from a medicine to the much-loved Indian sweet

If tomorrow India has to choose a national sweet dish, the most likely contender should be the ladoo. And for some good, hearty reasons. To begin with, it is an omnipresent sweet – and by this I do not only mean its unmistakable presence in every festival and occasion including… Read more »

Food Story: The saga of Moradabadi dal

Moradabad, Muradabad or the city Of Brass (Pithal Nagri) may be a little known entity today in the Edible Map of India, but the culinary history chapters will always hold this little town as the playground of chaat-making. A place that not only introduced the use of kachcha pyaz or raw onions… Read more »

Food Story: From Mumbai to Calicut, the evolution of the coastal cuisine

Mention coastal cuisine, and it’s assumed that it would be seafood and coconut that would be talked about. The impression isn’t out of sync. Hard to believe but in first glance, the cuisine of coastal  India – East and West – appears to be meat and seafood heavy, thanks to… Read more »

The Food Story: The tale of two kebabs

One created for an ‘insulted’ Nawab, another for the ‘toothless’ and yet between the two iconic dishes they have inspired over a dozen more varieties of kebabs, and the world famous brand Tunde Ke Kebab. What handycam is to Sony, Tunde ke Kebab or Tunde Kebabi is to the world of… Read more »

Make your food bloom this season with edible flowers

People love flowers for their fragrance, colour and texture and just the fact that they can ease your nerves by simply looking at them. Now, you have one more reason to stare at those pretty ferns and petals and thats food. Mrinmoy Acharya, Head Chef, Ciclo Cafe in Gurugram and… Read more »

Airlift: This Lucknow company is planning to deliver food using drones

When hunger beckons, is fast food home delivery your only hope? While you might be waiting impatiently at home for the food to arrive, the ones delivering it, on most occasions are busy dodging traffic snarls. Sometimes, doing it within the prescribed time becomes a major hurdle. Keeping this in… Read more »