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Five cheap and easy ways to give your home a monsoon makeover

Looking for some décor inspiration? Look no further. These five useful tips will help you bring some lushness (that you’re now surrounded with) indoors. 1) Change furnishing colours to vibrant tints and hues such as lime, mint, teal, sea and Persian green. 2) Use cotton and linen for bedroom textile… Read more »

Five leftover recipes on World Food Day

It’s a challenge to eat leftovers as they often turn cold and tasteless. While discarding it is not a good option for an environment conscious person, it could probably be turned into something interesting. On World Food Day, check out five interesting recipes prepared from leftover food. 1. Mashed Potato… Read more »

How to make Chinese Five Spice Rajgira Coconut Cookies

Chinese five spice is a blend of 5 spices – cinnamon, fennel, cloves, star anise, and Szechuan peppercorns. It is common in many Asian dishes, and you can easily find pre-made blends in the dried spice section of most grocery stores. This spice blend is typically used in savoury dishes, but when… Read more »

Five days after issuing order, govt holds formation of Vishwas group

The Delhi government has, for now, put on hold the formation of the Vishwas group — comprising students who have failed twice in Class IX and who appear for Class X board exams as private candidates. “Guidelines regarding the Vishwas group shall be kept in abeyance till further orders,” said… Read more »