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Eating for Beauty: A Seasonal Fruit for Fabulous Skin

The guava tree at my great grand-parent’s house in Bangalore drove me crazy. As the tree bore fruit, the strong-sweet smell around the house was intoxicating and all I ever wanted to do was climb the tree to grab one of the green-yellow fruit. The only catch was that after… Read more »

5 times Bollywood divas made a fashion statement in saris

1/6Here’s how to pull-off a sari like a Bollywood celeb… Saris are evergreen. A lady dressed in a sari is surely going to be the belle of the ball because no other clothing item comes close to the grace that a sari can give you. Bollywood divas are no stranger… Read more »

Five cheap and easy ways to give your home a monsoon makeover

Looking for some décor inspiration? Look no further. These five useful tips will help you bring some lushness (that you’re now surrounded with) indoors. 1) Change furnishing colours to vibrant tints and hues such as lime, mint, teal, sea and Persian green. 2) Use cotton and linen for bedroom textile… Read more »

College freshers, take note: Here’s how to dress on a budget and impress

The first day is always special for new college kids. But many do face problems with the selection of clothes. Playing around with a basic cotton kurta or jazzing it up with jewellery can do the trick, say experts. Avneet Chadha, founder of Avneetc — Bespoke Styling and Rashma Sud,… Read more »

Here are 5 Reasons Why Men Should Start Using a Blow Dryer

Do you struggle with your hair every single day? Though it might seem too much of an effort for guys to reach out for hair styling tools to keep their hair looking good, we assure you that it is definitely going to be worth your time. You do not have… Read more »

7 Rice Flour Face Packs For A Fair And Glowing Skin

Traditional skin-lightening remedies have been making waves in the beauty community for the past few years. And, why not? Effective, safe, au-naturel and unlike the store-bought cosmetics, these remedies are not loaded with chemicals or questionable ingredients. More and more women are ditching the pricey cosmetics and turning to natural… Read more »

Moms-to-be, take note: A chemical found in furniture may lower your child’s IQ

Flame retardant chemicals — commonly used in furniture and household products — may damage your child’s intelligence and cause loss of IQ points. Researchers from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in the US conducted the largest meta-analysis performed on flame retardants to date, and found strong evidence of… Read more »

Eating Disorder in Women: Why the Husband’s Good Looks Could be a Problem

Eating disorders are not uncommon in the modern world today. They could stem from a lot of issues without us even realising it. According to a new study done by Florida State University, eating disorder in women could result from dissatisfaction with life or inferiority complex, where they think that… Read more »

Switching to a Healthier Diet and Lifestyle May Ward off Dementia

We are what we eat – a popular statement, which seems fit to describe the growing cases of health problems across the globe. Our diet plays a crucial role for our health and well-being. And this doesn’t just include keeping a check on weight issues, digestion, obesity, diabetes or heart health,… Read more »