Shine on: Get flawless skin and hair with home remedies and natural ingredients

Get smooth skin by using ingredients easily available in your home.

Through the day, our hair and skin are exposed to so many pollutants and harsh weather. Maintaining basic hygiene is not enough. It’s time to go a little beyond. We round up the best ways to nourish your skin and hair and also pamper yourself:

1) Say yes to fruits!

Fruits are rich in antioxidants, and incorporating them in your daily diet comes with several benefits. While Bananas are loaded with nutrients such as Vitamins A, B and E, and work best as an anti-aging agent, apples help in achieving clear and pimple-free skin.


2) Stock up on sandalwood

From opening clogged pores, to being a tan removing agent, the ingredient is widely used in the production of perfumes, powders, facial creams and masks. Sandalwood also protects the hair from damage and hydrates it from within.


Sandalwood has anti-tanning properties which help your skin look fresh. (Shutterstock)

3) Follow a 10 minute beauty regime

If the monsoons are messing with your skin and hair, fret not. We’ve got all the solutions – from nourishing frizzy hair to taking care of oily skin. Invest in pre-shampoo deep conditioning, wear sunblock even while indoors, and more.


4) Steal Miranda Kerr’s beauty routine

Surprisingly, it’s not difficult to replicate. The model spends a few minutes every morning to dry brush her skin. This helps remove dead skin cells and get the circulation going.

5) Detox your skin with natural face packs

Detoxification of the skin is essential during monsoon as it prevents allergies, puffiness and skin disease. The average Indian household has a wealth of ingredients that are great natural face packs. Find out how you can get glowing skin by using besan (gram flour), honey, green tea and cucumber juice.

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