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Express Recipes: How to make Tandoori Chaat

It’s always possible to make nutritious food tasty. A combination of fruit and vegetable, Tandoori Chaat can be served as an evening snack or a starter. Tandoori Chaat Serves 6 Ingredients 4 slices, each 1” thick, of fresh pineapple – cut into 1½” pieces, about 6 pieces from a slice… Read more »

Express recipe: How to make Paneer Capsicum in less than 20 minutes

Paneer Capsicum is my “exotic in minutes’ recipe! Do you often get surprise guests for dinner at home? It happens here quite often and while there are times pizza delivery is the only option, I try to keep that to a minimum. For times like those I have recipes like… Read more »

Impress your guests this weekend with restaurant style Aloo Gobhi

Who does not love Aloo Gobhi? Especially in winter season. But the problem is that our regular Aloo Gobhi preparation does not go well with our party menu. Presenting the restaurant style Aloo Gobhi for party or any other special occasion. INGREDIENTS 1 Cauliflower (350-400 grams) 350 grams Potatoes 2… Read more »

Breakfast recipe: Start your day with yummy and nutritious Banana Pancakes

We are back on the breakfast menu! And why should we not? Breakfast has to be the most important and nutritious meal to kickstart your day with. Today we bring you the recipe of banana pancakes. The basic pancakes are very easy and simple to do and while I have… Read more »

Breakfast like a king: Here’s how to make Aloo Paratha

In my kitchen Aloo Paratha presides over all other parathas. It’s undisputably the king of parathas. Since past few weeks we have been having them at least once every week for breakfast. As they say breakfast like a king; we need a king to do justice to it. Potato is… Read more »

From Aamti to Vada Pav: A slice of simple yet exotic Maharashtrian cuisine

Addictive. Potent Drug. Sinfully Spicy. Unforgettable. Here is a slice of the simple yet unabashedly exotic Maharastrian’s cuisine. You can always know a Maharastrian neighbour by the whiff of aamti. A rather simple yet tasteful preparation of lentils (dal), it is one of the few Maharastrian dishes that emerged from… Read more »

How to cook the perfect roasted cauliflower

Vegetables go in and out of fashion, just like hemlines. (They have always done so among those wealthy enough to have the luxury of choice, so you can pipe down about the last days of Rome at the back.) Take kale, a peasanty cabbage once so despised that the great… Read more »

Express recipe: How to make Besan Nariyal Barfi

If you have a sweet tooth, here’s a recipe that might interest you. The Besan Nariyal Barfi can be easily prepared at home. So what are you waiting for? INGREDIENTS 100 grams Gram flour – 1 cup 100 grams Coconut powder – 1 cup 225 grams Sugar – 1 cup… Read more »

From Railway Mutton curry to Bedmi-aloo: When railway food was an affair to remember

What is your earliest memory of (good) train food? Mine is the hot thali that would be served to First Class passengers from the pantry, which you could visit to get warm milk, water or boil egg any time of the journey and often be rewarded with something scrumptious that… Read more »