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Yoga Asanas to Boost Metabolism: 5 Yoga Poses to Increase Your Metabolism and Burn More Calories

You may not think about yoga when you are trying to lose weight. Although doing asanas to slow instrumental music may not burn as much calories as doing aerobic exercises, it will enable your body to burn more calories by increasing your metabolism. Yoga has several health benefits and it can be used… Read more »

Yoga Asanas for Sinus Relief: 5 Yoga Poses to Get Relief from Sinusitis

Sinusitis is usually caused by allergies, infection or irritation due to particles or chemicals in the air. Your sinuses or the sinus cavities get inflamed in sinusitis. It is a common ailment during monsoon and winter. The symptoms include a stuffy nose, thick discharge from the nose and facial pain…. Read more »

Top 10 Bedtime Yoga Poses to Calm Your Mind and Relax Your Body

Practicing yoga before bed helps you to wind down, relax and stretch out. A simple bedtime yoga sequence along with deep breathing will help you to calm down and relieve all the tension at the end of the day. This little session before your bed time will not only help… Read more »

Health Benefits of Red Wine: 5 Reasons to Drink Wine Every Day

The deep burgundy color, the aroma and the woody and fruity flavor of red wine have captivated many since ancient times. Wine is made by crushing dark-colored grapes and fermenting it in oak or stainless steel vat. Grape skin, seeds and juice are mixed together for fermentation along with a… Read more »

Warm Up Routine: 5 Warm Up Exercises You Must Do Before Starting Your Workout

Working out is necessary to stay fit and healthy. Whether you workout at the gym, workout at home or go for jogging, it is important to stay active. You start working out to get in shape, improve stamina and for many other reasons and you want to see the result… Read more »

Coming soon: Silk mats developed by IIT scientists could treat arthritis

If you suffer from knee pain, take heart. Scientists from IIT Guwahati have synthesised mats made of silk-proteins and bioactive glass fibres that they believe can assist the growth of bone cells and repair worn-out joints in arthritis patients. The disease most commonly affects joints in the knees, hips, hands, feet, and… Read more »

Have you tried Face Yoga? Stretching face muscles prevents skin-ageing and sagginess

Face Yoga has been making a name for itself as an alternative anti-ageing beauty treatmentfor some time now. The concept involves using exercises to tone, lift and sculpt muscles in the face and counteract sagginess and puffiness for a rejuvenated appearance. Back in 2015, a pop-up called SkinGym Face Fitness established… Read more »

Moms-to-be, take note: A chemical found in furniture may lower your child’s IQ

Flame retardant chemicals — commonly used in furniture and household products — may damage your child’s intelligence and cause loss of IQ points. Researchers from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in the US conducted the largest meta-analysis performed on flame retardants to date, and found strong evidence of… Read more »

Caffeine May Improve Breathing Ability and Lung Function in Premature Babies: Study

In the time when nutritionists and experts are debating how much of coffee in a day is good or bad, a recent Australian based study has demonstrated that a limited caffeine intake by premature babies may improve their lung function in later life.   The study shows that caffeine acts… Read more »

This Monsoon Load Up On These 6 Vitamin C Rich Foods to Keep Infections At Bay

The Monsoons are finally here. As the country welcomes its first spell of showers, the season is also bringing with itself wave of infections and diseases commonly associated with the monsoon. The damp weather has already taken its toll on overall immunity of several people making them susceptible to many diseases  like… Read more »