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This blogger shows how to use boiled egg to apply founation and it’s just amazing

Beauty experts often experiment with unconventional alternatives and surprise us with amazing make-up hacks. Finding the best make-up blender is one such hot topic among make-up artists and bloggers. Be it for its whopping price or for the fact that it absorbs too much of the beauty product, experts have been trying out various… Read more »

Summer wedding style: From pearl strands to multi-layered strings, here’s how to pick the trendy jewels

Ditch chunky neck jewellery in the scorching heat. Go for pearl strings or delicate multi-layer pieces when you attend a summer wedding. Manju Kothari (Creative Director at Entice Jewellery), Rajesh Tulsiani (Director at Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers) and Chitwn D Malhotra (lead designer and founder Dillano Luxurious Jewels Pvt Ltd) have… Read more »

Home remedies to protect your skin in summer

The skin is the first to bear the brunt of the summer heat, leading to problems like sun tan, sun burn, skin-sensitivity, rashes and eruptions. There are several home remedies that can help you save your skin, say experts. Bharti Taneja, Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Group, Shahnaz Husain, CEO of… Read more »

‘Beauty and the Beast’ fashion hacks: Easy and simple ways to look like Emma Watson

Hollywood actress Emma Watson is not only championing gender equality as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, but is also impressing Indian fashionistas with her Disney princess look in musical romantic fantasy film “Beauty and the Beast”. Experts suggests that the easy ways to look like her in real life. Sushma… Read more »

Did You Know These Differences Between Dietitian and Nutritionist?

Image Source: Dietitian and nutritionist – These are the two professions that deal exclusively with nutrition, food, diets, and meal plans but they are not all the same. Many use the words dietician and nutritionist interchangeably, but there is a very thick line between these two. In case you… Read more »

Skin-Care Truths That Will Make You Change Your Ways

We all know that lemon juice is bad for your skin, that you should regularly wash your cosmetic brushes, and that you shouldn’t leave the house without sunscreen. But there are less discussed beauty mistakes (and myths) out there that could possibly lead you down a path riddled with unfortunate… Read more »

Perfect Powder

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Every once in a while a beauty product comes along that is so totally, utterly, perfectly wonderful that it actually hurts. Chanel’s new Dentelle Précieuse, on sale today, is one such example. BEAUTY INSPIRATION FROM THE RED CARPET Inspired by the French fashion house’s last cruise show, the delicate compact… Read more »